This blog is dedicated to the random act of kindness to "drop your flops" somewhere that a passerby will notice and adopt. All you need to do is alter or embellish a pair of flip flops, tag them with links to this blog, drop them off somewhere in public and watch the magic happen! This is an ongoing project that will bring lots of smiles and joy to young and old!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

More Flops dropped

This first one is child sized.  So it was left on the climbing wall at the playground at Kelly Park east.

The other one, I call it "Big Button" was left on a dock at the same park.

As I was leaving the other pair, I observed a couple taking their morning walk.  After the tag was read, one Flip Flop tried on, they carried them off.  I hope they bring pleasure to the finders, and that they will pass on a pair to someone.,

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