This blog is dedicated to the random act of kindness to "drop your flops" somewhere that a passerby will notice and adopt. All you need to do is alter or embellish a pair of flip flops, tag them with links to this blog, drop them off somewhere in public and watch the magic happen! This is an ongoing project that will bring lots of smiles and joy to young and old!

Monday, February 7, 2011


 Here's how you can play...
Alter or enhance a pair of flip flops. They should remain wearable. Then post a comment to let us know you're playing.  Here are some ready to be dropped.
Now - for the surprise part:  Leave your altered flip-flops in a place someone will find them.  Attach a note giving a link to this blog.  Just for fun, let us know where you dropped your flops.

This can be on-going, no deadlines, just for fun. 

To help you get started, there are some links to the right.   And scroll down to see some already dropped.



Lyn said...

I just posted some more - see pictures on FLICKR

Fran said...

My 6 y.o. dau. found the heart flops at Kelly Park East. They were too small for her, so she took them to her 3 y.o. cousin who is visiting from Monterey, CA. Maybe they will continue the drop on the west coast! We decorated a pair today. We'll take a picture and drop them somewhere soon!

Fran from Rockledge

jan said...

I found the flip flops at the Institute at Round Top Satuday June 19. 2010. I am wearing them now. Thanks!! What a neat idea!I live in Montgomery, TX

Lyn said...

I'm happy to see the flips being found.
Fran - I hope your little relative will drop some in CA, too. We'll be watching for updates!


Anonymous said...

We found a pair in Cocoa Village park! Thanks. Cant wait to make a pair.